Welcome to Champions Choice Bassmasters!

Champions Choice BassMasters was formed in 2007 by a small group of club fishermen looking for a more fulfilling club experience. We are located just south of Baltimore and west of Annapolis in Hanover, Maryland.

Club Statement

Champions Choice BassMasters was founded to encourage, promote and support bass fishing and related activities to include the spirit of fellowship among its members, their families, and fellow fisherman. The purpose of which is to join bass fishermen together in a good spirit of competition while promoting good sportsmanship, respect for the species we pursue, and the environment. The club shall maintain its commitment to all members for continued growth and prosperity while offering its members and their families events and activities for the enjoyment and sharing of their interest in bass fishing.

Message from the Club President

Interest in our club has increased dramatically in the last few months and for good reason. The word has gotten out about Champions Choice BassMasters and our commitment to creating the best possible club atmosphere. The Club Officers and I will offer you an excellent forum to test your skills whether you are a seasoned bass fisherman or new to bass fishing all together. You will learn new fishing techniques and gain friendships along the way. Please feel free to navigate through our website for more information about our club. You can also submit any comments, feedback or suggestions below about the site or the club itself. If you are interested in joining the club please go to the “Joining¬†the Club”¬†page where you can gather some more information about membership and submit an online application.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am eagerly anticipating the 2021 season!

Tight lines,

Martin Tanabe

President, Champions Choice BassMasters