2021 Tournament Results

     2021’s, 1st tournament, out of Smallwood on the Potomac, offered almost everything you could ask for in a fishing day, with cool temps, gray skies, a bit of wind, and fish surprisingly cooperating. 
The water was stained to clear over the day and there were sparse areas of grass and Lilly’s available. 
All got bit and caught fish, but unfortunately the elusive 15 inch bass was not always on the other end of the line biting…  
Congrats to John for 1st and Lunker, Milton for 2nd place, and Martin, current A.O.Y., rounding up the money in 3rd…  Way to go on our 1st tourney of the year!!



Marty McFish with the only fish that wasn’t camera shy…!

     2021’s 2nd tourney, again had us heading out of Smallwood on the Potomac, due to concerns over serious winds predicted for later in the day.   

Cooler temps in the morning and party cloudy skies helped all to find fish, and the stained water certainly didn’t hurt either.  In the end, winds picked up forcing everyone to hang in lovely Mattawoman creek.  

Congrats to John for another 1st place, Luther for 2nd place, and Marty-Dog for 3rd and lunker!! 

John, with the GIANT bag of fish!!



Luther coming in strong!!



Marty on the podium again!!



Big-Fish-Chris doing his thang!!
Bob wasn’t messing around either!!
Me, bring up the rear and staying in the hunt!!

Our 3rd tourney had us on the upper bay and heading out of Mariner Point marina after some ramp shenanigans at Dundee forced a delayed start.

Temps were pretty warm, with clouds and reasonable winds, requiring no winter gear needed at the start for a change… But, as the day went on, winds started ripping by mid-tournament with the only spawning carp appearing to be enjoying it. The day ended up extremely warm, and the bass found new ways to stay off of most people’s hooks. Who knows, maybe they were just full from the fresh cicadas that were out and about.

Congrats on a very tough day to Bob for 1st and lunker, and Chris for 2nd place!!

Big Money Bob tearing it up with 1st and lunker!!!
Big-Fish Chris rockin and rolling!!!

Our 4th tourney had us on the upper bay and heading out of Tydings marina.  The morning was cool, with winds that were reasonable, with cloudy skies over all, making it an another AWESOME day to be on the water!! 

As the day went on, the nice ripple of the morning waters went packing as  winds picked up, making the water a lot rougher by the end of the day.  Fish were caught by all, but the species and size didn’t always bring a smile to the faces…

Congrats to John for 1st place, Chris for 2nd place and lunker, and Luther, staying in the hunt, and rounding up 3rd, on a very tough day!!

John, making it look way too easy, in 1st.
Big-Fish Chris with his new (Maryland) PB of 5.75 and tourney lunker!!

Luther rounding up the money in 3rd with this fatty!!!!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!!!