Joining The Club

Thank you for your interest in joining Champions Choice Bass Masters! Please read below for basic information that you will need to successfully petition to join the club. You may also want to review the Club Info, and Club Rules pages for more detailed information about the club. When you are ready click the link to Apply and complete our online application to begin the process.

New members will be on probation during the first 2 tournaments of the club once the petition process is completed, during which time new members will not be allowed to vote on club issues. After the probation period has passed new members will be voted upon by the club to determine if full membership will be granted and they must obtain a majority vote from the club to succeed. After the voting process if a majority vote is received full membership to the club will be awarded.

Monthly dues are $10.00 per month. New members must pay a one time fee of $25.00. If a member falls behind three months in dues, that member may be ineligible to fish club tournaments and that member will be subject to be dropped from the club after consideration of the membership. The Treasurer will inform the club of any member in this situation during the Treasurer’s report at the club meeting. It is a member’s responsibility to see that dues are paid if he/she cannot attend a meeting.

ALL Members are required to join B.A.S.S. and the Maryland Bass Nation.
ALL Members must be at least 18 years old.

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