Tournament Results

With the 2020 season postponed due to Covid-19, our 1st tourney, out of Marshall Hall, was quite representative of our new, and current way life, as the Bass seemed to choose social-distancing over hanging out for pictures and boat rides for many….

Weather ranged from a calm, cool morning to raging winds, white caps, and rough water in the afternoon, with a mix of clouds and sun.

Congrats to Marty (McFish) for 1st place and Lunker, Milton for 2nd place, and Luther, rounding up the money in 3rd…!!

Marty, starting it off with a BANG!!
Milton coming in strong with a nice one for 2nd!!
Luther getting it done in 3rd!!

Good job on a very, very, tough day, guys!!!

Our 2nd tourney, on the upper bay, was full of catches, misses, and white caps…
The morning started out a little cool, and as the winds picked up all day, several species of fish wanted to play, making it a fun fishing trip, but a tough Bass tournament.

Congrats to Marty (McFish), tearing it up again, with 1st place and lunker, 2nd place to Big Fish Chris staying near the top, and to Big Money Bob, rounding up the money in 3rd place…!!!

Marty-Dog tearing it up again with 1st and lunker!!!
Big Fish Chris showed his A.O.Y ways….!
Bob, showing off his money-maker and rounding up the money in 3rd!!
Congrats to our newest club member, Jesse Levine, getting it done at his 1st tourney with us!!

Congrats, guys!!!

Our 3rd tourney, at Conowingo, had most finding some fish, even if they weren’t the right size or species… Water color found was mostly clear to slightly stained, but pretty good over all. Temps started out cool, but the blue-bird skies, and high temps helped made for a pretty tough, but exciting day.
Congrats to Big Fish Chris with 1st place, Big Money Bob with 2nd place and John for lunker, and 3rd place…!!!

Chris, stepping it up for 1st!!
Bob, keeping the hunt alive in 2nd!!
John-Boy showing lots of enthusiasm over 3rd and lunker!!!
Marty wasn’t playing either!!

Our 4th tourney, out of good ole’ Piney Run Park, had everyone loving the cooler than average temps of the day, and hating the ever popular game of catching the elusive 12-incher, in summer…, in Maryland.

Gray skies held the heat at bey as winds picked up as the day went on. Lots of grass and lily pads, everywhere, made it look like an opportunity for a”BassFest” kind of day, even with 30 other boats on the small waters. But, in the end, many fish were caught, just a little too little, to count.

Congrats on another tough summer grind to Luther for 1st, Chuck for 2nd and Lunker, and Marty-Dog, wrapping it up in 3rd…!!

Leader-Board Luther coming in on top
Me, with the lunker and 2nd place…!
Marty Mc-Fish dominating the stats, and coming in 3rd this time!
Big-Fish Chris showing off the skillz!

Marshall Hall, our 5th tourney of the year, had a lot of the pack running North to start, on what was a nice, gray, crisp, late summer morning…

Although most caught fish, as the winds turned from light, to ripping in the p.m., the bite went from a pretty aggressive morning, down to typical summer grind pattern in the afternoon, making it appear as if the fish came back to their senses, and unfortunately, back to social distancing as the day went on. In the end, we all had fun… and didn’t melt for a change!

Congrats to me, for 1st place, and heaviest bag of the year, so far.., Martin for 2nd place, and John for 3rd and Lunker!!

Click Link Below for Current Standings:

1st fish on my 1st cast, and 3 fish by 7:10… What a day!!!!
Marty-McFish doing what he does best…! Getting on that podium, again. Gonna be tuff to beat for AOY…!!
John-Boy, rounding up the money in a big way, with 3rd and lunker…, again!!
Luther coming in strong for 4th!
Christian with a nice fish for 5th!
Big-Money-Bob showing off in 6th!
Milt-Dogg wouldn’t be denied, with a nice showing in 7th

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